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News for January 19, 1998

no surprises went to number 4 in the UK charts.

the michael stipe produced movie, Velvet Goldmine, which features radiohead on the soundtrack, will be premiered this april at the Cannes Film Festival. the world-wide release will be in june. if haven’t heard about this movie, it stars Ewan McGregor (trainspotting) and is loosely based on David Bowie and Iggy Pop. sort of a glam rock thing, if you will. the soundtrack will include a super band composed of thom and jonny with some others:

vocals: thom yorke, jonathan rhys myers
guitars: jonny greenwood, bernard buttler (suede), brian from placebo
bass: steffan from placebo
drums: drummer from placebo

the band will be playing such hits as 2HB, Ladytron, Bittersweet, and Baby’s on Fire. the soundtrack will be released in may.

the radiohead mailing list seems to be down. anyone know why?