Jonny Greenwood OK Computer Radiohead tour

News for April 1, 1998

A new song was played the other night in Dallas. It is going by the title Big Ideas (Don’t Get Any). Thom announced it as a four-day old song but was actually premiered in Tokyo last January. The song has gone by the name Nude or Nuet since 1996 and has been reworked into this latest version.
Jonny has been voted the fifth coolest person in rock by the readers of Melody Maker. The list:

1. Graham Coxon – Blur guitarist
2. Tim Burgess – Charlatan’s frontman
3. Robbie Williams – ex Take That
4. Cerys Matthews – Catatonia
5. Jonny Greenwood
6. Danny Goffey – Supergrass drummer
7. Liam Gallagher – Oasis
8. Beck
9. Nicky Wire – Manic Street Preachers
10. Shaznay Lewis – All Saints
thanks to Susan

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By Jonathan

New York, NY