OK Computer Radiohead

News for April 14, 1998

from NME:
Massive Attack’s Daddy G. says the band’s long-planned collaboration with Radiohead should happen this summer. The bands have been planning to work together since meeting at a Dublin festival last year. Initially, Massive Attack were interested in remixing all or some of Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ album. However, time constraints scuppered the idea. Daddy G says the two bands now plan to hook up in late summer to “see what happens”. “We’re going to go away to one of their houses, maybe in the summer. Thom’s got a house in Devon and we’re just going to jam there. Hopefully something’s going to come out of it.” Daddy G added that the remix project would have taken too much time: “In a way Radiohead have really influenced us. When ‘OK Computer’ came out they said they’d love us to re-work it for them. If you do that you have to spend a lot of time doing it, treat it with a lot of respect, it
would have taken us months to really work on it.”

By Jonathan

New York, NY