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News for February 1, 1999

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Radiohead’s next attempt to woo another batch of cerebral music critics begins today, when the quintet enters a Paris recording studio with producer Nigel Godrich (OK Computer, The Bends) to continue work on approximately twenty songs that the band has already begun sculpting. “We don’t really do demos,” says Godrich. “It’s kinda against our rules now. You have to be recording them at the right time when they’re ready to be recorded, ’cause the songs will never sound as good again.” Eventually, Radiohead will up and move their operation to another recording studio in England, but for now the album will be made in France. As for what direction the group plans to take the new material in, Godrich says that’s still an unknown but “it’s not like ‘Okay, let’s all play mandolins.’ It’s been three years since we did OK and I’ve done a lot of things and hopefully learned a lot of things. I know I wanna come out fresh. When we did OK it was very much in our minds that we didn’t wanna make The Bends 2. It’s the case of just throwing it at the wall and seeing what sticks ”
speaking nigel godrich, there is confirmation that the next pavement album (which is produced by godrich) will have jonny as a guest on two songs. he will be playing his original instrument, the only one he knew how to play when he joined On a Friday (radiohead’s first name), the harmonica on “Ground Beefheart” and “Billy the Saint.” the album is expected to be released next june.
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By Jonathan

New York, NY