OK Computer Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

News for February 28, 1999

There is a rumor floating around that Radiohead might be the supporting act on R.E.M.’s summer tour. More on that as it becomes available.

Another R.E.M./Radiohead project is in the works. R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe recently said in an interview that he and Thom have recorded a duet together. There is no release date or title available yet. Here’s a clip of the interview:

“Yeah, I mean Thom is an amazing singer,” added Stipe. “We know a lot of amazing singers and musicians and any good opportunity to work with them would be welcome. I’m not saying it will happen, I’m saying, speaking for three of us, we would love to work with Thom or any of the guys from Radiohead. We would love to work again with Patti Smith, with any of the guys from Grant Lee Phillips or Bjork or Natalie Merchant.”

You can read the full R.E.M. article by pointing your mouse or trackball here. thanks to Will Campbell

There is a chance that Radiohead might take part again in this year’s Tibetan Freedom Concert. It will be held in four different cities this June. For more info on the concert, or to learn about the whole free Tibet thing, go here.

The tour documentary, Meeting People is Easy, won’t be released until April 20 in the U.S. It is available for purchase in Europe. For those who don’t know about it, here is a quick rundown:

“a bunch of articulate, essentially shy people who, somehow, are able to create this huge, astonishing music and as a result find themselves in the strange/insane/seductive world of end-of-the-century-celebrity with thousands of people wanting to meet them, thousands of cameras and microphones constantly siphoning off little bits of them.” – grant gee, director. he followed the band around and basically filmed there every move while they campaigned for OK COMPUTER. You might know him also as directing the No Surprises video.

More info later.