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News for June 30, 1999

From Dotmusic:

Oasis and Radiohead to headline Glastonbury next year?

During a conversation with dotmusic at this year’s Glastonbury festival, founder Michael Eavis hinted that Glastonbury 2000 could see an Oasis and Radiohead double-bill. Eavis told us, “the two best bands in the world at the moment are not playing this weekend÷which are Oasis and Radiohead.” We asked him if he had looked into booking them for next year and he replied: “Speaks for itself doesn’t it?”

dotmusic contacted Creation Records for confirmation of an Oasis booking but were informed that the band have not yet finished recording their new album and that their live commitments could not yet be confirmed. Likewise we were informed by a Radiohead spokeswoman that the band are, “in the middle of recording the new album and I’ve no idea when it will be finished Ò you don’t rush these guys, there’s no point.”

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke was spotted at the festival, casually wandering amongst the crowds Ò obviously more interested in the acts than many of the VIPs who preferred to watch Keith Allen perform karaoke back stage. With both bands currently working on material likely to be released early next year, timing would be near perfect and we think Michael Eavis will get his dream line-up.

The band had a pretty miserable experience at the 1997 Glastonbury Festival when half of the equipment quit working and all the blinding lights shining towards them. Maybe Radiohead will give it another chance

By Jonathan

New York, NY