OK Computer Radiohead

News for July 28, 1999

Radiohead’s Ok Computer was named as one of Spin Magazine’s 90 Greatest Albums of the ’90s in the most recent issue. Here is the top ten:

1. Nirvana – Nevermind
2. Public Enemy – Fear of a Black Planet
3. PJ Harvey – To Bring You My Love
4. Beck – Odelay
5. Pavement – Slanted and Enchanted
6. Hole – Live Through This
7. Bjork – Post
8. Dr. Dre – The Chronic
9. Radiohead – Ok Computer
10. The Chemical Brothers – Dig Your Own Hole

According to MTV, the re-broadcast of 120 Minutes of Radiohead will “hopefully” air Saturday, August 14, at 11pm Eastern. The special, which originally aired last May, contains a TV version of Radiohead’s film Meeting People is Easy, along with a hour of videos and live performances. Definitely worth checking out. If the date changes, I’ll post it here.