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News for November 11, 1999

HMV, Channel 4, and Classic FM have conducted the largest ever musical opinion poll in the UK, sampling 600,000 fans over nine months.  Radiohead made it a few times: Best Band – Number 7

Best Album – Number 10 for The Bends. Thom also made it on the poll:
Best Male Singer – Number 9

Where was OK Computer?

Check out Spin Magazine’s recent review of the oldie but goodie favorite, The Trickster, here.

And finally, In an interview with CDNOW in september, the lead singer of Muse, Matthew Bellamy, defended comparisons made to radiohead in their latest album “showbiz” by some music critics…

“That’s partly because we’ve got the same producer [John Leckie],” explains Bellamy. “There’s elements in the way we’ve gone about making this record that are similar to how [Radiohead] made The Bends. I think the other similarity is that Thom Yorke is the singer and I know for a fact that he’s influenced by Jeff Buckley, and that’s similar to me. He’s one of my main vocal influences — more so than Thom Yorke is. I think the first album, I can see how people compare us to Radiohead, but I think it’s just a starting point. I think we’ll go on to do other things, to prove otherwise.”
many thanks to James from CUTW for the above news.