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News for December 21, 1999

A few weeks ago Yahoo! held a chat with R.E.M. Michael Stipe was asked about the R.E.M./Radiohead connection:

sadprofessor1460 asks: Michael, I read that you did some work with Thom Yorke recently. What did you work on and when will we be able to get a hold of hit?
rem_live: Stipe: We haven’t worked officially in the studio as musicians, we just talk a lot as friends.
rem_live: But REM and Radiohead actually talk a lot and kind of challenge each other musically as to what each of us are doing next.

[thanks to Nicholas]
Street SpiritThe Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has got the “promo list” for MTV Europe’s top 100 Greatest Music Videos Ever Made. Radiohead came in at #9 for their awesome video for “Street Spirit (fade out).”
“9. Radiohead – “Street Spirit”
Direction: Jonathan Glazer (1996)

Wonderful slowmotion effects in black and white. It’s not often a video fits perfect with its song, but this time it did.”

By Jonathan

New York, NY