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News for January 24, 2000

EMI and Warner to Merge.

Radiohead’s record label, EMI, and the Time Warner Group will announce today that they will merge their companies to form one of the world’s largest record labels in a deal worth about $20 billion. You may remember that it was only less than two weeks ago when AOL announced that it would buy Time Warner. The combined company will cut the number of major record companies to 4.

Thom commented on the merger while on the official message board: “That fucking sucks and i am deeply worried and angry and helpless. Bastards.”

At this time we do not know if the merger will affect Radiohead in anyway. Stay tuned to Green Plastic for the latest news.

You can read more about the merger at the following sites:
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Radiohead not to play Glastonbury
The official Glastonbury Festival website is reporting that Radiohead will not be performing at this year’s festival:
“Further information about that ongoing and ever growing Radiohead rumour….. record company insiders have let us know that, due to their album not being finished in time, Radiohead will not be performing this year.”

They go on to say that the information was not from official sources.
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Dancing Up the Walls
You might have heard about Denise Clarke, the woman who has put on a “physical lecture” to Radiohead’s OK Computer. The woman is running a show in Calgary, Canada, called Radioheaded, in which she dances to the full album.

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Radiohead in Newsweek
Radiohead is mentioned in an article about U2 singer Bono’s help with relieving third-world debt:
“Shriver’s brother-in-law Arnold Schwarzenegger made calls to key Republicans, including House Budget Committee chairman John Kasich. ‘John Kasich started raving about Radiohead,’ says Shriver with a laugh, referring to the British alternative-rock band. ‘I said, ‘Did Arnold put you up to this?’ Then I realized Arnold doesn’t know who the hell Radiohead is.”
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More of those poll things…

The band were listed in the Atlanta entertainment paper, Insite. They were included in a list of 20 “talents we can’t wait to watch in the 21st century.” Here is the top 5:
1. Angelina Jolie (actress)
2. Sam Mendes (director, American Beauty)
3. Radiohead (band)
4. Beth Orton (singer)
5. Chuck Palahniuk (writer, Fight Club)
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