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News for February 4, 2000

Alan Greenspan: #1 Radiohead fan

Well, maybe not. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and Radiohead were mentioned in the same paragraph (who would have guessed!) in an article from Here’s an excerpt of this rather humorous bonding:

“OOH, THAT GREENSPAN is a trickster, isn’t he? In a move that shocked absolutely nobody, the Fed raised rates by a quarter-point and said in its policy statement that risks are weighted toward conditions that may generate heightened inflation pressures (translation: the dreaded old tightening bias). I never would have guessed it, but Greenspan must be a huge fan of the British rock band Radiohead. Their lyric, “No alarms and no surprises please,” could be Greenspan’s motto.”

Hee hee. If you care, you can read the rest of the article, even though Radiohead isn’t mentioned again, here.

Hey, what’s going on with the band? Relax guys. Ed’s diary has been updated and each one of band members has been sent to “time out”. 🙂

By Jonathan

New York, NY