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News for February 9, 2000

Ed’s online diary has been updated again with all the latest on the recording process. Here’s an excerpt:

“what an amazing day. fantastic string arrangements by jonny and what players. many many thanks are due to john lubbock(who conducted and organised) and the string players from the orchestra of st. john’s, smith square. the whole session was the complete antithesis to the ok computer experience; firstly rather than de-camping to some london studio we used an old abbey near us with the most fantastic acoustics to record in. i think nigel was totally blown away by the whole sound of it. but most importantly john and the players were so enthusiastic about it all…..jonny has certain things that he wants/wanted to try out that aren’t your usual string arrangements. and rather than dismiss his ideas ( which is what happened on the ok computer session) they were open-minded enough to try them.”

Ed also mentions that the master tape of “Innocents Civilian” has come up missing. Nigel had this to say on the official message board:

“Personally I think we have a bit of a tape labelling/catalogueing user interface error, but certain others are somewhat freaking about it. I’m sure it’ll turn up.”

OK, go and read the rest of the diary.

Another new and unreleased song has been found copyrighted. The song “I Will” joins “Follow Me Around”, “Big Ideas (Don’t Get Any), and “Living in a Glass House” as possible finished songs that are copyrighted with Warner/Chappell.

Also, two unknown songs were found copyrighted by Jonny Greenwood: “Jet” and “Tinitus”. (click on each song to view the description from Warner/Chappell)
Again, this is no indication on what songs will be on the new album.
(thanks to Xavier)