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News for February 11, 2000

What a night! The band put on their second webcast last night and left us all wanting more! At around 6pm Eastern time, Radiohead set up their turntables and video cameras and partied for almost 4 hours!

The evening was full of excitement. Ed, Phil, and Colin took turns playing DJ, while the others danced around (Go Mel!) and sat by the fire outside. The highlight of the evening was definitely the introduction of three new songs. Thom, Jonny, and Phil had a little jam session which was incredible, called “There there”, by Thom. That was followed later by Jonny and his electronic toys.

The band got together at the end and played another new song with Ed on vocals, even though he wasn’t really singing. “Ed was pulling wurds out of the magic top hat which i use,” said Thom.