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News for March 24, 2000

Another Webcast

Radiohead held another webcast last night and at one point over 1000 people were tuning in, making it difficult for many to watch it without the dreaded “net congestion” popping up. The festivities began around 4pm EST and lasted until about 8:30pm. Thom and Jonny played DJ again, spinning some of their favorite tracks from various artists. Only one new Radiohead song was performed live. The title is still a bit sketchy but it contains the words “Wicked Child”, so we’ll just call it that for now.

Here’s a tracklist of the songs Jonny and Thom played:

Schizm – Track #2 Mix
Christian Vogel – Mosquito 10
This Is Mike Ink – Polka Trax 4
Christoph De Babalon – On The Block (Meet Him)

Country Preacher – Cannonball Adderly
Telephone Thing – The Fall
The Ink Spots – Java Jive
It’s Not Love – Talking Heads

Le Tigre – Hot Topic
Magazine – The Light Pours Out Of Me
Ad Vans vs. Gescom – Viral
Andrea Parker – Unconnected
Wevie Stonder – Questionable ( how ironic!)
Autechre – Various Artists 8.5 (fat cat)
Talking Heads – Cross Eyed and Painless

La Fille Du Pere Noel – Jacques Dutronc
St James Infirmary – Louis Armstrong
Lulu Suite – Berg
Pahu Tahiti – Tearapo
? – 13th Floor Elevators
Laser Attack – Scientist
Where Is My Mind – Pixies

Alder & Elins – Digital Toddler
Autechre – 777
Justin Berkon – The Juice
Autechre – Rae
Can – ?
Funkstorung rmx of Wu Tang Clan
Faust – Skinhead
Autechre – tortoise rmx

Down By The River – Neil Young
Faust Tapes – Faust
Limbo – Nina and Frederick
Prayer Metin – -Jimmy Smith
Groovin’ with – The Soulful Strings
Jazz Raga – Gabor Szabo
So Lonely – Tim bricky

Squarepusher/ Aphex Twin – FHM Acid
Gescom – Keynell
Can – Moonshake

By Jonathan

New York, NY