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News for April 19, 2000

Recording is Finished!

Go to the bottom of Thom’s page on the official website and you’ll see:
“yesterday we finished recording. i am free and happy and now im going for a walk in the park goodbye.”
The album will now be mixed together and will probably still be released around September or October 2000. There is NO official release date so anything is possible.

Greece Tickets On Sale
You can apparently purchase tickets for the Greece shows now, even though no official sale date was announced by the band. The two Athens dates (June 26 and 27) went on sale yesterday. There is no way to purchase tickets on the internet so you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way: Go to the Ticket House at 42 Panepistimiou Ave in the center of Athens. Call (0030-1-)3608634 or (0030-1-)3608366 for information. There is no information about the June 25 show in Thessaloniki.
(thanks to Rania)

Here’s the press release about a new Radiohead book being released next month:
Publication date: May 11th 2000
Price: £10.95
from the introduction:

ìIn my capacity as senior editor at Musician magazine, I did what I could to gain the band more recognition, interviewing various members in late ’95 and early ’96. And I was privileged to be one of two American journalists attending the festivities that accompanied the European release of their 1997 album OK Computer in Barcelona, Spain…Finally, in June 1999, I traveled to Oxford to see for myself where the band had got its start…î
Mac Randall has interviewed all the members of Radiohead. Although one of the worldís most famous bands, they are notoriously private and very few journalists have got as close to them as Randall has over the years.
Exit Music: The Radiohead Story is an attempt to explore the band and their unique musical expression, and Randall charts this progress from Pablo Honey and their alienation from the British music media as they made it huge on campus circuits across the USA following the overseas success of Creep, through to their current position as media darlings reappropriated by their native culture.

Mac Randall is the East Coast editor of LAUNCH.

By Jonathan

New York, NY