Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

News for May 25, 2000

You can now purchase tickets for the two concert dates in France that were announced yesterday at Tickets cost 275 Francs per ticket (US $38, £26, 81176 Italian Lira, and 82 German Marks). The tent that the band will be using seats close to 10,000 people and is supposedly going to be used for the entire European tour this Fall. Tickets for the September 19th and 20th French shows will go onsale again on May 29 at other ticket agents and by phone.

Just for trivial purposes, the image at the beginning of is titled “bigtop.gif”.

Also, two dates in Brussels, Belgium and two more in Nijmegen, Holland will be announced soon, along with a full-scale UK tour.

This is only the beginning. 🙂

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“I’ve Seen It All”
According to the Danish newspaper, Politiken, Bjork will be releasing an 8 track album in September featuring the duet with Thom. The album contains seven vocal tracks and one instrumental track and also features a duet with the French actress Catherine Deneuve.

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Also, head on over here to read an article about the upcoming soundtrack. Here’s a snippet of the good stuff:
“Composed painstakingly, over time, often in the evenings after a day’s shooting, the score began with melodies. The first song to emerge was ‘I’ve Seen It All’, heard on the album as a duet with Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.”

By Jonathan

New York, NY