News for June 2, 2000

by Jonathan on June 2, 2000

This Monday, June 05, Ed and Phil will be appearing on the French TV channel, Canal+, at 6:20 p.m. (GMT +1). French viewers can call and assist in the show by calling 08 03 09 55 55. They will be appearing on Canal+’s show “NULLE PART AILLEURS”.

Also, Radio One in the UK will have a Radiohead exclusive in the evening on Monday 12th June, the day before they start their European tour. it will be something new – it’s not known quite what yet. maybe a session or a liveset or first play on a single, or just an interview…

Finally, we have reason to believe that RH will be giving a press conference in Paris on Tuesday. We’re still waiting confirmation on that.
(thanks to Benrio and Flavien)

Q article
Head on over to for a recent article about Radiohead.
(thanks to Rushabh)

Radiohead #2 in poll
Radiohead was at #2 with OK Computer and #13 with The Bends during yesterday’s “Timeless Album Top 100” poll held by Belgian radio station, Studio Brussel. Best album of all time, according to the poll, went to Nirvana’s Nevermind. Last year, OK Computer was #1.

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