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by Jonathan on June 7, 2000

Here’s some more info about yesterday’s interview with Jonny and Colin at German radio station Einslive:

Jonny and Colin were asked if the new album will sound like OK Computer and they replied that it would, but is much “shorter” and that OKC was a “typical nineties album.” The album is completely finished except for the title, and that should be decided this week because the album is going to the label next week.
The guy who interviewed them said Ed visited Einslive 3 years ago and said something like every album was a snapshot of the band. Jonny said at the moment the “snapshot” was underexposed.

[many thanks to Luisa and Kersten]

Tour dates in Denmark
The dates that the Ekstra Bladet, a Danish newspaper, wrote last week are wrong. Two shows will be happening in Copenhagen on September 7th and 8th, according to another Danish newspaper, Berlingske Tidende.

The band will be setting their tent up on a football field beside Valby-Hallen. According to the newspaper, these will be the only dates in Scandinavia, so hurry up and get your tickets cause they’re on sale now at,by phone at 70 15 65 65, or at Danish post offices. The tickets cost 300 DKK.
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Announcement on Monday
The NME are saying that the UK dates this Fall will be announced this Monday, June 12, on Jo Whiley’s Radio 1 show.
[thanks to Xavier]
Humo interview
Jonny And Colin were also interviewed by a Belgian magazine called Humo in which Jonny said that they are going to tour before the release of the album because they want to escape from the whole record-single-album-tour life which they have been doing for the last 3 albums. He also said that they will probably not release a single before the album hits the shelves this Fall. Colin also mentioned that they are not going to tour for very long because they want to have another album released by September 2001.

According to Jonny, the 2 songs they did along with other musicians, the one with the jazz band and the one with the small orchestra, will definitely be on the album but that they haven’t got any idea yet on how to do them live.

When asked about bands that sound like Radiohead, Colin replied, “Muse, Travis, … I don’t really know them, but I’ve heard of them. I think it’s very weird. We have never ever tried to create our own sound, we’ve always just played.

Those bands know how you can make music that sounds like Radiohead, so apparently they play better than we do, but is that what it’s about? I don’t think so. A couple of days ago I saw Muse on MTV, and I really got scared. They really try to look like us, but they didn’t seem to enjoy it very much. Those guys really need to cheer up, and quick. Apparently they’ve seen ‘Meeting People Is Easy’ one time too much (laughs).”

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