News for June 9, 2000

by Jonathan on June 9, 2000

Tour dates for the UK were announced today. Here they are:

Sep 1, 2: Newport, South Wales
Sep 23, 24, 25: Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets, London
Sep 28, 29: Glasgow Green, Glasgow
Oct 1, 2, 3: Victoria Park, Warrington, Cheshire

Tickets will go on sale Saturday, June 17 at 9 am. The credit card hotline is 0870 122 0011. The maximum purchase per person is 4.

Ed: “I fucking love this record now”
After almost two month of no entries, Ed has finally updated his diary at the official Radiohead site. From the sound of it, I think we can all expect an amazing forth album.

Go and read Ed’s diary.

Colin confirms tracks for new album
From At Ease:
Colin Greenwood was interviewed by Dutch music magazine ‘OOR’. Here are some quotes concerning the new album. “…But I think I’m pleased with the new album. “If you like songs like Exit Music and Airbag, but don’t like Electioneering, you will probably like the new album. I thought that Electioneering was the weakest track of OK Computer.

Colin confirmed that the following songs will make it to the album, which won’t be longer than 45 minutes, as the band want to release their other material soon after the release of album #4: (keep in mind, this is not the tracklist!)

How to Disappear
Kid A
Everything in it’s Right Place
Everyone (The National Anthem)
Motion Picture Soundtrack
Morning Bell
Egyptian Song

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