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News for June 12, 2000

Jonny made an appearance at the official Radiohead message board yesterday and was asked about how big the tent would be that they will be bringing on tour with them this Fall. “We can get 10000 in, apparently,” Jonny said,”but it feels tiny. The reading festival tent in about 8000, if you know it, so it’s not much bigger.”

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VH-1 wants you!
Here is a press release for a new show on VH-1:

A new television series called SOUND AFFECTS, which will begin airing on July 21st, is looking for inspirational stories about how a particular song or artist/band has affected your life.

We want to hear specific stories on how Radiohead’s music has inspired you, motivated you, helped you get through a rough situation, or served as a “soundtrack” through a profound or difficult time in your life. Are you where you are today because of a Radiohead song? We want to know how. The more detailed the story, the better the chance of getting contacted for an on-camera interview. Interviews will be held in Chicago June 24/25, Detroit June 27/28, Cleveland June 30, Austin July 2/3, Waco July 6, Dallas July 8, New York July 29/30, Los Angeles TBD. Please e-mail your stories, name, contact number, age, occupation, and city and state where you live to: . Check out for info. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thom in R.E.M. documentary
The Independent Film Channel is showing the R.E.M. documentary in which Thom makes an appearance. The documentary is called “This Way Up” and follows the band around during the making of their album Up and the Tibetan Freedom Concert in Washington DC in 1998. Thom is shown rehearsing with R.E.M., singing their song “Be Mine.”

Showtimes are:
Monday June 19, 2:30/1:30pm central
Friday June 23, 11/10am central
Saturday June 24, 4/3am central
Sunday June 25, 7/6pm central
Monday june 26, 5/4am central
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MPIE on Musique Plus
Canadian TV channel Musique Plus will be airing Meeting People is Easy on Wednesday June 14th, at 10:30 PM.
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Thom’s site updated
Check out Thom’s page on the official Radiohead site. He’s updated it with some new pictures!

PJ Harvey and Thom Yorke
As we reported last month, it is rumored that PJ Harvey and Thom Yorke will be singing together on a track from Harvey’s new album, scheduled to be released later this year. NME is reporting that more credibility has been given to the rumor, and quotes a PJ Harvey site by saying that “there may just be some truth” to the rumor.

Stay tuned, as always, for more on this topic!