News for June 13, 2000

by Jonathan on June 13, 2000

In an interview earlier today, Radiohead French tour manager, Hilda Carr, spoke with a French radio station and said that the concert tonight was delayed for an hour and a half due to a bad rain storm that cut off the electricity to the venue. The crowed gave the opening band, Laika, an overwhelming applause. When Radiohead came on, Thom was so moved and impressed by the place that he had tears in his eyes. The band played 7 new songs, among older favorites. The set list:

01. Talk Show Host
02. Bones
03. Optimistic
04. Karma Police
05. Planet Telex
06. Morning Bell
07. Dollars and Cents
08. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
09. Everyone / The National Anthem
10. My Iron Lung
11. No Surprises
12. Climbing Up the Walls
13. Lucky
14. In Limbo
15. Exit Music (for a film)
16. Airbag
17. Everything in it’s Right Place
18. Just [encore]
19. Knives Out [encore]
20. Nice Dream [encore]
21. Paranoid Android [encore]

We will hopefully have some photos and fan reviews up soon!

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