News for June 14, 2000

by Jonathan on June 14, 2000

Radiohead have been forced to scrap their gig tonight (June 14th) at the THEATRE ANTIQUE DE VAISON LA ROMANE in the South Of France after torrential rain made conditions impossible for them to play.

Yesterday’s gig, the band’s first of the Millennium, was played in the Theatre Antique D’Arles, a Roman amphitheater.

A spokesperson for the band told “The whole site is now flooded and there’s lightning and everything. The band had to pull the whole thing for safety reasons. They’re trying to reschedule the date as we speak.”

As exclusively revealed by yesterday, the band debuted seven new songs at their show in Arles last night – though even then, there were worries that rain might stop play, though the weather turned clement just before the band took to the stage.
[from NME]

Here are some more quick notes about last night’s show in Arles, France:

Right before Radiohead came on stage, the rain was so heavy that the lights went out and the band played without lighting.
For the new song “In Limbo”, Ed plays keyboards.

“Everything In It’s Right Place”, another new song, had Jonny using a touch screen sampler.

We will bring you information as it comes in about tonight’s show in Vaison La Romaine, France, later today! Stay tuned!

In other news…
It is rumored that Radiohead maybe adding another tent date to their European tour this fall, this time at the Punchestown Racecourse in Dublin, Ireland, on October 7.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, so stay tuned!

Here’s an article from
Radiohead bassist Colin Greenwood has revealed to Belgium’s Humo and Holland’s Oor magazines that the band has recorded enough songs with producer Nigel Godrich to release two albums. The first, which will have about ten to eleven tracks, is expected to come out on schedule this fall, followed by a second a year later. Though Radiohead had about thirty songs in the can, they nixed the idea of a double album because “We want to avoid the classic rock & roll traps,” Greenwood told Humo. “Even the best double albums . . . would have been even better if half the songs had been deleted . . . If the White Album had been one single album, no one would dare say Sgt. Pepper’s is the best Beatles record.” As of yet, the upcoming fourth album remains untitled. Song titles include “How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found,” “Kid A,” “Everything in Its Right Place,” “Everyone (National Anthem),” “Motion Picture Soundtrack,” “Idioteque,” “Morning Bell” and “Nothing to Fear (Egyptian Song).” Two tracks feature an extensive string section, one track includes backing by a jazz band and another, with the aid of ProTools, has Thom Yorke singing backwards. Now all they have to do is figure out how to pull that last one off live . . .

[thanks to Ultragrrrl]

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