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News for June 27, 2000

First, the important stuff…

We hope that Colin had a great 31st birthday yesterday!

Recent gigs

Why don’t you wander over to the Tour Guide to see some reviews about the last two shows in Greece!

Dates in Ireland confirmed!

That’s right! Now all you folks in Ireland can see Radiohead and their “Grand” tent too! They will be performing on October 6, 7, and 8, 2000 at the Punchestown Racecourse in Dublin.

Tickets will go on sale July 1, 2000 at

[thanks to John and dARDO]

New Album update

According to the Belgian newspaper “Le Soir”, the next album is due to release on October 2, 2000. There will probably be different release dates around the world as there was with OK Computer.

[thanks to Julien]

The title of the album has been chosen but not announced yet. Here are the titles that have been flying about the rumor bin:

Pure As Fiction (or pureasfiction)
Kid A
Giant Cogs Turn

*remember, these are rumors.

In a recent interview, Colin mentioned that the band will head back in to the studio this August to and will record their fifth album this Winter. The band has changed the way that they will be doing things so those expecting a full tour like the OKC one will be disappointed. The band plans to tour off and on, while mixing in studio sessions in between shows.

Dear Diary, Offical Site Updated

Ed updated his online diary again, detailing the band’s adventures in Greece. Check it out. Also, the offical Radiohead site has been updated, which the first two pages sporting new images.

[thanks to Benrio]

Bjork talks Thom Yorke duet

[from Q Online]:
Bjork discussed her much-anticipated collaboration with Radiohead’s Thom Yorke during a web chat on on Thursday (22nd June), describing the experience of working with Yorke as a ‘dream’. Entitled I’ve Seen It All, the song is to appear on the soundtrack for Lars Von Trier’s Palm d’Or winning film Dancer In The Dark (out in September), which stars Bjork and Catherine Deneuve.

“It was a gorgeous experience,” said, the Icelander. “We spent four days in Spain, singing a few hours a day. It’s been a dream of mine for a long time to blend my voice with his. That was lovely!” She also revealed that the working title for her album is Domestica, which is also being at the Spanish hillside studio where Post was recorded. Asked about the new material she enthused, “It’s gone really well…it feels very exciting. It’s definitely a place I’ve never been in before.” In the mean time a live album is planned for a December release, recorded last year in London, while Radiohead make their first live appearance in the UK at Scott Walker’s Meltdown on Sunday (1st July).

By Jonathan

New York, NY