News for June 28, 2000

by Jonathan on June 28, 2000

Special Delivery

How tight is security around copies of the new Radiohead album? Well, tight isn’t even the right word, because advance copies — which record companies always distribute to press and other industry types — of the band’s fourth album don’t even exist at this point.

Radiohead’s manager flew in to Los Angeles from London last week with one copy of the album in hand and played it for employees at the Capitol Records tower in Hollywood. He then took that copy and did the same thing for Capitol staffers in New York City, before getting back on another trans-Atlantic plane to rejoin the band on tour in Europe. The album, which reportedly has the working title Kid A, is tentatively scheduled for an Oct. 3 release.

[from CDnow]

Pictures of Florence Gig

Fabiano Parisi has shot some very nice pictures of the recent show in Florence, Italy. Go and see them here.

[many thanks to Fabiano]

Tracklist for new album

A tracklisting for the new album has been circulating throughout newsgroups and web sites recently. Just to restate this, nothing has been officially confirmed by the band or their management. We will simply not really know until that announcement is made. The tracklisting that is going around contains the songs that are most likely going to be on the album. Please keep this in mind.

(in no particular order):
The National Anthem
How to Disappear
In Limbo
Morning Bell
Kid A
Motion Picture Soundtrack
Knives Out
Egyptian Song
Everything In Its Right Place

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