News for July 24, 2000

by Jonathan on July 24, 2000

Thom’s page updated

drop the debt

Thom Yorke updated his page again today, this time blasting the G8 Leaders for not committing to drop the debt of the world’s poorest countries:

“You can’t eat the fucking web. This is free market killing. You have no-one to blame but yourselves and you know it. What kind of future are you expecting? You expecting to walk away, hands clean, white gloves? You expecting the trouble to cease? How will you sleep? When things turn nasty how will you explain yourself? What will you say to your children?”

For more info about the Drop the Debt campaign, head on over to Also, check out

Classic Radio 1 Sessions

You can listen to classic Radio 1 sessions with Radiohead this week every night between 8-10 pm (GMT). The sessions will also be available to those on the Web via realaudio

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