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News for August 15, 2000

Official Media Clips

Two short Quicktime movies are available to download. They both feature studio versions of “Optimistic” and “Everything In Its Right Place.” Click here and here. (If you can’t hear any sound, you will need the latest version of Quicktime).

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Bjork on working with Thom

Bjork was recently interview by Time Out and said the following about working with Thom on “I’ve Seen It All”:

“It was my idea to work with Thom. We spent four days in Spain just singing as and when we felt like it. He doesn’t do things lightly.”

The latest from the NME

RADIOHEAD’s long-awaited new album ‘KID A’ will be unveiled on Friday morning (August 18) – and will be among the first people in the world to hear it.

Our reporter will be on hand to bring a track-by-track report as soon as the playback has taken place, at 10am in a secret location in north London.

In other Radiohead news, mystery surrounds a press release, supposedly from the US, which has been “leaked.” It claims that the release of ‘Kid A’ will be accompanied by, amongst other things, a direct link to ‘Lost Children’ – a hidden website containing constantly changing Radiohead rarities, a “four-hour webcast at the end of August from the band’s studio in Oxford” and a live performance at the Air studios in London on September 4-5 for 200-300 invited guests.

A UK spokesperson for the band has been unable to confirm or deny the authenticity of the “press release”.

She told that some of the information on the release was “definitely true”, such as the band producing a series of animated “video blips” which will be used for Internet and regional promotion, but questioned the other, more ambitious claims on the release.

There is currently no confirmation on the official Radiohead website,, and the more credible unofficial band sites, such have dismissed the release as a hoax.

-from the NME