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by Jonathan on August 31, 2000

Radiohead Interview in Q

Thom Yorke Q MagazineRadiohead have admitted that the lengthy conception of their new album Kid A sparked a number of “crisis meetings” for the band – a reaction reflected by the revelation that one song – Knives Out (which didn’t even end up on the album) – took 373 days to complete.

In an exclusive interview in the October issue of Q Magazine (on sale 1 September), Ed O’Brien said that the absence of a deadline imposed by their label, Parlophone prompted “brain overload”. He said, “Human beings need a sense of order to what we can handle. If there are too many unfinished things, where do you focus? If you’ve got 30 or 40 things started and you’ve made no decisions on any of them, it causes you to knee-jerk and panic at times. We had several crisis meetings.”

The band also reveal their top secret publicity photographs for the launch of the album, a series of manipulated portraits created by Thom Yorke and his “mate Dan”, which depict each band member with modified features and pale eyes. The experiment he says, was because he’s “fed up of seeing my face everywhere. It got to the point where it didn’t feel like I owned it. We’re not interested in being celebrities, and others seem to have different plans for us. I’d like to see them try to put these pictures on a poster [giggles]”.

Read the complete interview in Q, out tomorrow (Friday 1 September).

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More Kid A Press

Why don’t you go over to and read a recap of their interview with Thom Yorke? To read the full interview, you’ll have to wait until the magazine is released to newstands in Australia on September 25.

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