News for September 11, 2000

by Jonathan on September 11, 2000

The first iBlip is now available!
You can now view the first installment of the iBlip courtesy of Capitol Records! Click

This week’s iBlip includes:

  • Radiohead postcards you can send in the U.S. Mail
  • the blips
  • Radiohead photo gallery

Coming next week, the iBlip will include:

  • September 18th – Participate in the worldwide debut of KID A on the BBC, which also includes an interview with the band
  • September 19-22nd – Kid A will be streamed for four days

Coming soon:

  • download of a live track (Permanent Daylight)
  • a live webcast
  • much more…

Many thanks to Mark!

Kid A Everywhere

As many of you know, the studio versions of Kid A are floating all around the internet. Nigel was on the official message board and had this to say:

” It is literally too much traffic to be able to have a proper chat on here any more. Suffice it to say that personally I don’t really mind that the albums up. If I’ve ever downloaded anything I liked, I’ve always gone and bought it afterwards. I mean, you can’t really have a relationship with a file, can you? …Thats what the cult of record buying is all about. If more people hear the album because it’s easily accessible then good. If they like it and can afford it then I believe they’ll buy it. It’s actually quite fascinating to watch people getting it too!!!! Thanks for your help.”

[thanks to darren and rich]

*please don’t ask us where or how to find the mp3s…

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