News for September 12, 2000

by Jonathan on September 12, 2000


Why don’t you check out the newly updated Lift site! It’s got a brand new url and is looking fresh! We wish the site the best of luck!

HMV contest is running a “Host Your Own Kid A Listening Party” contest. Along with tons of goodies, you will also win a advanced copy of Kid AGo here to find out more!

Also, while at, you can pre-order Kid A and receive the limited edition copy of the album with the hidden booklet!

Please note that the contest is only open to Canadian residents.

[thanks to Natasha]

Those blips invade MTV

MTV America has started showing a Radiohead blip called “Bear Witch“, a parody of the Blair Witch Project, in which bears jump out of the forest.

More blips will supposedly appear tonight on MTV at 11pm. Along with the “Bear Witch“, the “White Mountains” and “Giants” blips will be also be shown.

[many thanks to Tyler C]

Shut ’em down

Yesterday we reported that the Vancouver radio station, 104.9 XFM, was playing “Optimistic” on the air. The station was set to play it again last night but couldn’t cause they received a cease and desist fax from EMI. Coincidentally, Thom was on the official message board about 30 minutes earlier and made a comment about it.

Radio stations around North America will begin to play “Optimistic” on September 18th, legally. 🙂

[thanks to Itch]

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