Pyramid Song Video

by Jonathan on May 4, 2001

– Good news for those in the US who haven’t seen the “Pyramid Song” video yet. On Monday, May 7 at 10pm ET, MTV will premiere the video on their show Videos To Watch. {thanks to Eric}

– As stated yesterday, reports the following:

Radiohead’s publicity representatives have retracted the additional North American tour dates released to the media yesterday (May 2). 11 dates were announced, including a two-night stand in August at the Liberty State Park in Jersey City, N.J., but the group’s representatives are now stressing that those dates are unconfirmed.

Stay tuned!!!

– The following news is courtesy of FMA, our partna in crime:
Thom answered three questions at Spin with a Grin. He commented on singles, politics and why there’s another version of Morning Bell on Amnesiac: “because it came from such a different place from the other version. because we only found it again by accident after having forgotten about it. because it sounds like a recurring dream. it felt right.”

– Stanley Donwood is publishing his own book! For more details, check his site.

– You can enter to win tickets to exclusive Amnesiac listening parties in the US at the Capitol Records site.

– From Planet Telex: BBC Radio One’s Evening Session and Mark and Lard show will be running a competition to win tickets to the Verona date on May 30th, listen to the station for more details. Thom will be in the studio with Mark and Lard (1pm-3pm) from Verona to play a live track on the day.

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