And the Butler Field saga continues…

by Jonathan on May 14, 2001

I have never gotten as much email about a certain tour date as I did on this one… Last week announced the Chicago August 1 show as being held in Grant Park’s Butler Field. Well, it appears that there is going to be a Opera of some sort at Butler Field on August 1 so unless Radiohead is planning something outrageous with an opera (and yes, we could picture Jonny having a field day with that!), Butler Field will not be the location of the show. But don’t worry…. According to the City of Chicago Permits Office, the show will take place the same night at Arvey Field, which is also part of Grant Park. The show will be put on by Jam Production and the tickets will supposedly go on sale around June 16 by none other than Ticketmaster.

So there you have it. This information is still unconfirmed by the band but hopefully it’ll help you out.

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