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Colin is interviewed at Wall of Sound and is already talking about album number six:

“We’ve talked about doing a guitar album next,” Greenwood reports. “The reason we did these two records is to show that anything is possible rather than everything is expected; the last thing we wanted to do was go into the studio and make another version of OK Computer. My best guess for the next album is a combination of Amnesiac with more guitar music. But the most important thing is, it’s song-based music rather than sort of instrumental, non-lyric based music. We try not to insult or bore the intelligence of our audience, because we’re aware their tastes are moving on as well as ours with music, and it’s exciting to be part of that.”

You can read the rest of the interview here.
This following is a snippet of the new Mojo interview with Thom that our good friend Lunargirl of Ultimate Intimate (now us:

Q: The rumoured Oscar duet with Bjork: what happened?
A: I was briefly on the cards for being A-list – which was great. But only briefly. Because they messed her around quite a lot. In the end, it was probably good I didn’t go over to join her there.
Q: Was it your choice not to perform then?
A: No, it was her decision. Hopefully, we’ll do it somewhere else – like a better place. Working with her was funny, though, because I went and did that session literally the day we’d finished putting “Kid A” together so I was going ‘Yes! I’m out! I’m in someone else’s studio and it’s not my session and I’m not under any kind of pressure.’
Q: Your voices blend well together….
A: Yeah, but it took quite a while to find that blend(laughs). My whole tip at the time was ‘Well, if this is a duet, then we really need to record this together.’ And stylistically, we sing quite differently. I sing quite softly while she really belts it out. And the key was incredibly low for me. So we had to work at it but when our voices finally fitted together it was just the best. Great fun. I haven’t seen the film, though.

You can purchase Mojo at your local newstand.

By Jonathan

New York, NY