Radiohead tour


Yesterday Ticketmaster had on their Website that the 2 Liberty State Park shows in New Jersey were going to go on sale tomorrow at 9:00am. They were incorrect and have changed the “Internet Presale” date to June 14th at 10:00am. Don’t kill the messenger! 🙂

Also, just to clear up the whole ticket process for the North American second leg tour. No, we don’t have any info on the Philadelphia or Hollywood shows. As soon as we do, I can promise you it will be on the site. As for the MTV “presale” and the Ticketmaster “Internet Onsale,” they are the exact same thing. You could go to either at 10:00am on June 14th to get your tickets. MTV and Ticketmaster just label it differently. And finally, the “General Sale” of tickets will occur at Ticketmaster outlets on June 16. This is if, of course, there are any tickets left over from the “MTV presale” or “Ticketmaster Internet Onsale.” “General Sale” is when you physically go to a Ticketmaster outlet and purchase tickets from a human being. It is to your advantage to get your tickets over the Internet through either MTV or Ticketmaster…. Or if you were lucky enough to get a chance to purchase straight from w.a.s.t.e. All the information we have on tickets is at
the tour dates page. Thanks! 🙂

By Jonathan

New York, NY