Amnesiac Kid A Radiohead tour

Hooray for Hollywood!

According to KROQ Radio, tickets for the August 20 show at the Hollywood Bowl will go on sale July 21 and not July 7, as they previously reported. More details soon… {thanks to Monica & Lisette}

Radiohead: This Summer’s Hottest Concert. Beat that Prince!
Radiohead’s US tour has gotten the most fan interest of all the tours this Summer, according to POLLSTAR. Prince came in 2nd while U2 is 3rd. See the full list here. {thanks to Chris}

MuchMusic will be re-airing the “Radiohead Kid A: Amnesiac in Paris” concert on July 24 at 9PM and Midnight. The concert is 60 minutes long. {thanks to Laila}

By Jonathan

New York, NY