Venue Change

by Jonathan on July 4, 2001

Attention all fans attending the Chicago show on August 1! The venue has been changed from Arvey Field to Hutchison Field, which is also located in Grant Park. The tickets you now have are valid for the new location, no exchange is needed. Showtime is 6:30pm. {thanks to Nick, Alex & Dirkdiggler3268}

Artist of the Month
Radiohead is the House of Blues “Artist of the Month”! {thanks to Paul & Cristen}

We always knew Coz was the nicest
In a recent AOL live chat with fans, Weezer made some comments about Radiohead:

UKMC 2: SmellyTail asks… what do u think of radiohead??
Live Weezer: Brian – I think they’re great they make beautiful music
Live Weezer: Rivers – I think they sound like Muse
UKMC 2: Superleeds84 asks… hey there guys. Great new single by the way!! I would just like to know which British bands do you like at the moment??
Live Weezer: Brian – Coldplay
Live Weezer: Pat – Blur, Oasis
Live Weezer: Brian – Radiohead, Elbow
Live Weezer: Rivers – Bush
UKMC 2: AlecAcohen asks… Who is the nicest person in rock?
Live Weezer: Brian – the bass player for Radiohead — hands down
Live Weezer: Pat – you mean when his hands are down? When his hands are up, it’s trouble.

{thanks to David}

And now for your lesson of the day…
Everything you wanted to know about the Myth of the Minotaur! Courtesy of the Greek Radiohead Fan Club.

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