Amnesiac Radiohead

I Might Be Wrong

The “I Might Be Wrong” video is now ready for you to view at The video was directed by Chris Bran of the Vapour Brothers and was originally the second “Pyramid Song” video the Vapour Brothers had done but changed it to fit “I Might Be Wrong”. {thanks to Adam}

Campus Greens update
Unfortunately, Radiohead will not be able to make it to the August 10 Campus Greens Super Rally in Chicago. This is from Rally Coordinator Clint Hendler:

I’m very sorry to report that Radiohead will not be able to attend the Campus Greens Rally For Radical Change. This time the tour schedule wouldn’t allow it, but we guarantee that we will try to get Radiohead sometime again in the future. I hope that greenplastic readers in the Chicago area will still consider attending a night of great political
speakers and performers, including Ralph Nader, Cornel West, Patti Smith, and former “Dead Kennedys” frontman Jello Biafra.

By Jonathan

New York, NY