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It’s going to get hotter in Hotlanta!

Tonight Radiohead returns to their North American tour by playing a sold-out show in Atlanta.

Knives Out B-Sides!
Download mp3s of Cuttooth, Fog, and Worrywort! Go here for more details.

Thom the roadie
Their is an article up at Chart Attack about the Beta Band touring with Radiohead. Here’s a snippet:

When they did the first Western leg of the tour with Radiohead they were so financially destitute that their tour manager didn? have a cellphone. This left publicists stranded when trying to contact them for interviews. They couldn? afford roadies either and MacLean said that problem was solved by, “Radiohead help us out with roading. They move a lot of our equipment on stage for us. Thom Yorke carries Steve? [Mason] guitar on stage every night for him. They?e quite muscly. You wouldn? think it, but Thom Yorke? a tough wee guy.”

Read the rest of the article… {thanks to Tom}

Radiohead: Join the Band!
Now, with synthesized support for the Musicians’ Assistance Program (MAP), these post-punk, prog-rockers are offering an evening fit for Kid A! The band wants’s winning bidder (and guest) to attend their August 20th concert in Los Angeles, and then join them for the After-Party! Better bid before you get stopped by the Karma Police! Log onto from July 23-August 7 to meet the band! 100% of the winning bid will go directly to the Musicians’ Assistance Program (MAP), an organization that assists the music industry in providing solutions to and prevention of drug and alcohol addiction within its community.

By Jonathan

New York, NY