Radiohead Thom Yorke tour


The very funny site,, has the following “satirical” article up on their site:

Radiohead’s lead singer, Thom Yorke has controversially announced that he, “can’t think of anything to be sad or angry about, anymore.” The Oxford born singer/songwriter, best known for some of the most angst ridden and meaningful songs in music told Musical Box magazine in an interview published this week that, “I’ve come to a stage, and I think that the band have aswell, where we’ve run out of things to be bothered about. Everywhere you look there’s celebrities taking up world issues and going on the television, and making speeches. Our manager showed us a list of things that we could adopt as our like, personal crusade. But all that was left was a nature reserve in Malta. It wasn’t even a big nature reserve. I mean, bollocks…”

Livid Festival
There was a rumor that Radiohead may play the Livid Festival in Australia. Unfortunately, their name did not appear on the just released line-up. {thanks to Nick}

By Jonathan

New York, NY