Johnny Marr on Radiohead

by Jonathan on October 10, 2001

There is an interview with Johnny Marr from last month’s Rock’s Back Pages in which Marr mentioned Radiohead:

RBP: Post-Britpop, what evidence do you see of The Smiths’ continuing influence on pop music? Radiohead’s ‘Knives Out’, for instance, has frequently been described as “Smithsy”.

JM: Well, I must say that the band that’s come closest to the genuine influence of The Smiths is Radiohead. A lot of it’s to do with the way Thom Yorke pitches his emotions in his voice. I mean, Gene ? forget it! Talk about grabbing the shadow and missing the substance. The first time I met Ed O’Brien, he sat me down with a certain amount of trepidation and played me ‘Knives Out’. And the music did touch me in the same way The Smiths did, and it was a wonderful feeling. And I can’t do that anymore, because it’s like dressing up in your own clothes, but there’s still a part of me that reacts to that sort of emotional quality and that sort of melodicism.

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