BBC Music Magazine

Radiohead were featured in this month’s BBC Music Magazine. The magazine features almost entirely on classical music, but in the internet section in an article titled ‘Making a case for new Music’, Radiohead had a mention. The whole passage (written by Paul Lay) was quite long, but here is a section of it concerning Radiohead:

‘…yet where does that leave the many who thirst for the new, who seek the sounds of their own age that reach beyond the banality of so much pop? And, if you doubt that many exist, take a look at the splendid website of the band Radiohead, hardly a marginal voice (it topped the album charts on both sides of the Atlantic), where it urges fans to listen to influences, such as the music of Krzysztof Penderecki, or the Seventies experimentation of Miles Davis. Hardly mainstream fare.’

{Thanks to Steve}

By Jonathan

New York, NY