Amnesiac Radiohead

Radiohead: Simply the Best

Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song” made it to #1 on Nightshift’s Simply the Best – 20 Songs for ’01:

1. RADIOHEAD: “PYRAMID SONG” – Even by their incredible standards, this was an astonishing song. The first single from “Amnesiac”, “Pyramid Song” answered all of Radiohead’s critics in majestic style, taking a desolate trek across frozen tundra, into pop’s heart of darkness. A song dense enough to suck the light out of the room, it snakes in a casually malevolent way across what sounds like the film score to an old Roman epic, dissected and assimilated by the Borg and topped off by Thom Yorke’s detached, repressed howl. One of the bleakest songs ever written. Quite magnificent.

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{thanks to Lewis}

By Jonathan

New York, NY