Amnesiac Radiohead tour


It appears that Radiohead will begin touring again sometime in June or July in Portugal. is reporting the following (translated from Portuguese):

“Radiohead will return to Portugal this year. Musicnet has learned that one of the biggest Portuguese showbiz production companies, Tourne, is preparing to bring Thom Yorke’s group for 3 concerts, two in the Atlantic Pavillion in Lisbon and the other in Oporto. The gigs will occur around June/July.
Meanwhile, “Amnesiac”, the last LP from Radiohead was considered by the Musicnet’s visitors as the Best 2001 Album.”

This news has also been announced by various other Portuguese media, including Radio Commercial, the largest radio station in Portugal, but has yet to be officialy announced and confirmed by Radiohead’s management.

So far no other dates have been announced but if these Portuguese dates are confirmed, expect others…
{thanks to Daniel}

By Jonathan

New York, NY