Something Awful

Something Awful has a parody of some upcoming Christmas gifts and included was this:

Radiohead: “Live From the IntellectualDome” (music video) – Pretentious pop / anti-pop / pseudo pop band Radiohead was filmed live at the Saint Louis IntellectualDome, where they were accompanied by a string quartet, an entire brass section, and twelve hillbillies that played homemade instruments ranging from the washboard to the jug. Thom Yorke and his band of hipster doofuses play a variety of their hit songs aimed at art major college students, including the upcoming singles “If You Don’t Like This Song Then You Don’t Get It and You Are Stupid” and “My Art is Deeper Than Your Art.” The crowd expresses their approval by holding up their expresso coffee cups and flashing the lights on their SUVs. Yorke concludes his live performance with a stirring rendition of “This Song is 50 Thousand 16th Notes.”

{thanks to Adrian}

By Jonathan

New York, NY