New RH book

by Jonathan on March 6, 2002

Barnes & Noble is listing a May 1, 2002 release for a new Radiohead book called Radiohead: A Visual Documentary, which was written by Tim Footman, who apparently went to Exeter with Thom Yorke for 3 years. Here’s the synopsis:

With just about everything else around falling into the ‘Pop’, ‘Nu-Metal’ or ‘Rap / RnB’ categories these days, it’s a breath of fresh air when a band as eclectic, talented and downright as unusual as Radiohead, can still hold a market with such compelling music, providing the hope and risk taking that the music business needs to thrive. So with a huge fan base and new recruits joining the fold regularly, every new album selling more and more copies and the tours attracting bigger crowds consistently, the time couldn’t be better for a definitive biography and photo journal on the band. Radiohead – A visual documentary consists of a chronological documentary, in words and full color photography, put together by an early associate of lead member Thom Yorke. Never before seen images nestle next to facts about the band never previously revealed. With every other book about the band currently available being largely a critical opinionated text heavy work, this factual, informative and entertaining book is certain to become the favored work amongst fans.

{thanks to Amar}

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