Radiohead tour

Supporting band

Domino Records artist Four Tet will apparently be the opening act for the upcoming Radiohead tour in Portugal and Spain. Here’s some background info about Four Tet:

Kieran Hebden is one of those impressive young geniuses whose creative juices flow like Mount Vesuvius. At 17, he co-founded the outstanding post-rock outfit Fridge, and by the following year, had already released an acclaimed solo record as Four Tet. Since then, he’s managed to keep both projects going strong. Both acts forge a middle ground between “pure” electronic music and “post-rock,” with Fridge tending more toward post-rock and Four Tet toward electronic. Four Tet’s combination of acoustic and electronic elements sounds fresh and unique, particularly at a time when so much electronic music is conceived and produced without ever leaving the digital realm. With its extensive use of field recordings and acoustic samples, Four Tet’s music sounds truly organic and alive.

You can download Four Tet’s “No More Mosquitos” here.
(thanks to Gabi)

By Jonathan

New York, NY