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Mogwai on RH

Careless Talk Costs Lives Magazine did an interview with Mogwai for their January 2002 issue and Radiohead were brought up, Oasis-style. Here’s what was said:

” ‘We’re not particularly angst-y. What have they got to moan about? It’s the Thom Yorke syndrome: being a complainer and a hypocrite.
Well-channelled brilliant angst like The God Machine is amazing, but pointless angst is not good.’
I’ve never liked Radiohead. Right from the start I thought they sounded like Kingmaker…
(Laughter) ‘That’s a slag, isn’t it?’
…but what does Thom Yorke do — keep his mouth shut and stop whining?
‘It would be a start,’ replies Stuart. ‘A facelift would be a second, and going to the dentist would be a third. Radiohead’s stance against corporations and globalisation is ridiculous when their t-shirts cost more to buy than our records. I’m anti-globalisation on a local scale with the appearance in almost every town of Spars, Woolworths and Griegs destroying small businesses. I’m OK with McDonalds and Starbucks, but not Spar.'”
another bit, later on….
“Is there a line you won’t cross that stops you from turning into Radiohead?
‘In what way?’
Like if you sold millions of records.
‘That would be all right. There’s nothing wrong with selling plenty of records. The line is just hypocrisy.’
‘You get married to supermodels and take cocaine and drive about in limousines if that happens. You don’t dress like a fucking student and complain about fucking corporations. You kill people off, you don’t complain about it.'”

(thanks to Aurora)

By Jonathan

New York, NY