Your help is needed!

The German Radiohead fansite Meeting People is Easy has been subject to some legal action by EMI Germany because they have been hosting some live mp3s of last year’s concert in Berlin. Apparently a warning email was sent to the webmaster, Bjorn, by the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) but this warning was never received. EMI Germany has now taken legal action and their lawyers are asking for 550,42 Euros as a fee.

MPIE, like Green Plastic, is a non-profit, non-commercial fansite dedicated to bringing Radiohead fans across the world info and content and does not have the money to pay this “fine.”

Various members of the band have said in past interviews that they have no problem with mp3s, especially with the live ones. It’s one thing to be hosting studio mp3s from albums you can buy and another to be hosting live mp3s from concerts that are not available in stores and certainly not hurting record sales. If anything, the availability of mp3s on the internet increase sales! Also, for a record company like EMI Germany to attack a fansite for promoting a band is insane. We give valuable time and money out of our pockets to promote Radiohead and we are not under any type of payroll.

What can you do? Please visit and find out what you can do! There is also a petition you can sign.

We have contacted w.a.s.t.e. to let Radiohead know what is going on since they are probably unaware of this situation.

By Jonathan

New York, NY