Radiohead #27

Radiohead are placed 27th in The Top 50 Rock Bands of All Time in the July 2002 issue (no. 225) of ‘Guitarist: The Complete Guitar Magazine’. Here’s what the magazine said about them:

“Famed equally for Jonny Greenwood’s incendiary guitar lines and Thom Yorke’s equally wonderful and fragile vocals, Radiohead have carved a new path for rock guitar in the 1990s. The Oxford quintet laboriously toiled the gig circuit in the early nineties until the waster’s anthem Creep struck a chord with disenchanted American teens and broke them globally. The Bends, a yearning, claustrophobic collection of songs, followed in 1995 while 1997’s poignant and enduringly beautiful OK Computer was ecstatically received, its mammoth centrepiece Paranoid Android exemplifying a band bursting with creativity. However, guitar lovers have been disappointed of late as Radiohead closed the century with two unashamedly introverted albums exploring beats and rhythms at the expense of the guitar melodies we know they can muster at will.”

(thanks to Mark)

By Jonathan

New York, NY