Lisbon night #3

The third and final Radiohead show in Lisbon just wrapped up and we received the following email with details about how the concert went:

The following is random notes taken by phone after the 3rd Lisbon gig.?Any info below may or may not be true??it?s a ?brain storming after a gig? type thing ? so chill and enjoy.?I accept no responsibility nor give a toss for incorrect or inaccurate information, but believe all to be true at time of violently typing this while listening to people gab details 2000 miles away??lol.
OK the info..??
Ok full *correct* setlist?.100% sure tonight ;o)
There there
Punch up at a wedding
Myxomatosis [Thom wears a little keyboard guitar??and says before song ?don?t I look cool???someone shouted out ?Rolf Harris? and Thom said ?I don?t look like Rolf Harris? hehe]
We suck young blood [introduced song as ?this next song is a horror song, we suck young blood!!!?]
Go to sleep [before song, Thom said ?this one doesn?t have a name, and that?s not all it doesn?t have?. ?And no I?m not gonna tell you?]
I will [Thom introduced this song by saying ?this is not by the Beatles?]
Sit down stand up
I might be wrong
Morning bell [crowd doing flamingo hand claps start of song, Thom impressed said ?we should have had that when we recorded it]
Exit music
Dollars and cents
National anthem
Paranoid android
Idioteque [totally rocked tonight]
Everything in its right place?(Thom sat down at organ to start song, started singing few lines, by himself before stating EIIRP, the Manics ?if you tolerate this, your children will be next?)
Encore 01
You and whose army
Talk show host
*new song* where I end and you begin [Jonny was on a moog, didn?t play guitar, Thom played black electric guitar.. cool new tune, little bit experimental, not very fast]
pyramid song
Encore 02
[crowd wicked tonight??singing Ole Ole Ole before they came on stage, band mimed kicking football around stage to every member]
Sail to the moon
Karma Police
After everything in right place, Thom walked along front row and shaked each persons hand ? really shakin’ hands/looking at each person in eye?
3rd Lisbon was the best of the three.
No official merchandise, loads of bootleg t-shirts outside tho?

(thanks to roars/cathy/clare)

By Jonathan

New York, NY