Colin Greenwood Hail to the Thief OK Computer Radiohead

NME articles

The two NME articles are now online here and here. Here’s the bit about the new album:

Colin talks of their plans for the new album. “We fly to LA at the end of August. (Long-time producer) Nigel Godrich rents a space there. Were going to spend two weeks working. The plan is like with OK Computer – we’ll have loads of songs we know and it’ll just be (mimes dumping a pile of books on the table) there!

He thinks about this: “It means we’ll be in America for September 11. Which will be interesting.

They hope to release the new LP, their sixth studio album, in March next year. There’s a discussion about the new songs. Since Thom didn’t introduce most of them on stage, people are curious about the titles. Have they really called a song “A Punch Up At A Wedding?” They have. Thom finds the fuss over the titles funny. I should have handed out lyric sheets to the audience,” he says, which seems like such a terribly un-Radiohead thing to do (for a band who, as “artists”, hate the idea of giving anything away for fear it will spirit the “art” itself into nothingness) that we assume it’s a joke.

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